On Tuesday 29 March, Amsterdam Drone Week began in RAI Amsterdam. For the first time in a long time, top players from the worldwide drone market are back together physically to speak about the future of unmanned air travel. From U-space to drone delivery, from abstract guidelines to the physical requirements of landing sites for drone taxis: all aspects are covered.

Altered a lot

In 2018, the Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) took place for the very first time. The idea was to connect policy makers, developers and users during a multi-day event. This formula turned out to be on and we have actually now arrived at the fourth edition of the occasion (due to corona, the 2021 edition was held off). Throughout conferences, discussions and workshops, all sort of subjects are talked about, ranging from abstract regulations to concrete applications of drone technology. There is likewise a lot of chance to network.


lot has changed because that first edition of the ADW. Where at first there was still a substantial gap between aspiration and truth, that space seems to have actually narrowed a lot in the past few years. For instance, European policies for drones have now been introduced, which makes many more applications possible. And things like drone delivery and city air mobility have ended up being a lot more tangible: in countries around us there is currently plenty


experimentation with package delivery

drones and drone taxis. fly in. Normally for favorable applications, such as carrying out house inspections or transporting emergency situation medication. And ‘thanks to’ corona, drone security unexpectedly ended up being a thing. Later on this year, a drone taxi will even be test flown for the very first time in the Netherlands, albeit without travelers. All things that were almost unimaginable a couple of years earlier. Although advancements in some cases opt for fits and knocks.

At the very same time, there are also issues, especially about (unintentional) interruption and personal privacy violation, but also about active abuse. Moreover, there are still the required regulatory obstacles: for instance, automated drone flights are just possible outside the sight of the pilot. However likewise in the area of social approval, there are still the required bumps to take. That is why this theme is likewise high up on the agenda throughout the ADW.

Much to go over

The rapid advancement of the drone sector implies that there will be plenty to discuss once again during the Amsterdam Drone Week this year. There will be substantial talk about guidelines throughout the EASA High Level Conference on Drones. What does it take to get Urban Air Mobility off the ground? What are the experiences of drone parcel delivery in countries outside the EU? What steps should be taken to make U-space a reality?

There is also a lot to see and hear for Dutch drone pilots. The 3rd day of the ADW is even totally committed to the Dutch drone sector. Throughout the NL Drone Day, there is a comprehensive programme on the new action plan of the Ministry of IenW, the intro of U-space, follow-up actions in the field of zoning, the role of municipalities, and the development concerning the facility of the Dutch Drone Council.

Dronewatch is also present throughout the ADW, so if you want to talk about an issue, make certain to shoot me at me!