In support of complex drone operations, mobile drone command centers are no longer part of the field of work. Such command centers can range from simple vans with facilities to charge batteries to fully equipped vehicles equipped with computers, radio equipment and generators. Draxxon’s new DX-816 drone command center raises the bar a lot higher.

Fully electric

The fully electric mobile sUAS command center in question was developed by the American custom vehicle manufacturer Draxxon, in collaboration with Volta Power Systems. It is a trailer that can easily be placed on location. The entire command center is powered by batteries, and in total, the unit can work for 24 hours without the need to run a generator.

The command center was based on Draxxon’s DX-816 trailer. This was provided by Volta with a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery system. Via an inverter of 5 kW, the built-in equipment is supplied with the required mains voltage. The system can be charged from a normal outlet, so no special charging infrastructure is required.


Here are the important features:

  • Ability to use drones in other command and control systems integrate;
  • Up to 24 hours of operation on a single charge, without the need for a separate generator or the towing vehicle idling;
  • The built-in touch screens can be viewed both indoors and outdoors;
  • The roof of the trailer immediately serves as folding rooftop flight station;
  • The trailer is equipped with LED lighting and a climate control system;
  • Weather station, 4G router, antennas+boosters, flight/command/workstations.


“Integration into mobile applications was central to the development of our power system. This is the first time our product has been integrated into a command center trailer like this one. In our knowledge, it’s even the first drone command unit in the industry to work fully electrically,” said Jack Johnson, CTO of Volta Power Systems. “The trailer is especially useful in situations where power is not available, such as fire fighting or search and rescue operations.”