Recently, users of DJI drones were startled by reports of the potential leak of delicate data to servers in China. That even triggered parliamentary concerns about the use of DJI drones by federal government companies. App designer AirHub has now come up with a solution that allows users to simply keep flying DJI drones, but with full control over their information and personal privacy.

Security issues

For several years, there has been a lot to do about possible cybersecurity problems when utilizing DJI drones. When research platform Investico focused on this on September 29, 2021, this led to a lot of fuss in the media in the Netherlands and even asked chamber concerns about using DJI drones by the cops, Rijkswaterstaat and other federal governments.

The concerns about possible security problems when utilizing DJI drones likewise caused many customer concerns at AirHub. For this factor, AirHub has carried out research into a service where DJI’s hardware can continue to be used, while the control and data processing runs through the AirHub app and server. That the risk of possible data breaches is prevented.

AirHub Secure Data Mode

According to AirHub, practically all of their customers use DJI drones, as the price-quality ratio is not matched by drones from completing brand names. In addition, lots of clients suggest that they have made significant financial investments in DJI hardware and aspire to continue utilizing these drones for that reason.

One solution is to use your own control app so you don’t depend upon DJI software application. AirHub is an example of such an app.

And thanks to the new Secure Data Mode

, which was established in assessment with consumers and presented in early January 2022, users get full control of their data and privacy. Safe connection Thanks to a close combination with DJI’s control software, drone pilots can use all the performances as they were used to via the AirHub app. The brand-new Secure Data Mode has actually now been included, which enables a drone pilot to obstruct all unneeded and not essential outbound data. Obstructing works via the AirHub Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection that the AirHub app establishes as soon as Secure Data Mode is triggered. The AirHub VPN keeps track of the information connection and instantly blocks all unnecessary outgoing data. This way, the security dangers can be alleviated and all DJI drones can be utilized safely.

All features available

The distinct aspect of Secure Data Mode is that all outbound data from the drone is sent out by means of the AirHub platform and kept track of. By doing this, outbound data for functionalities such as video streaming, geofences unlocking and airspace data can be whitelisted and still work. Drone flights can be carried out in a safe and efficient method, satisfying the safety requirements of each company.

The security solution works for any type of drone that is controlled through the iOS variation of the AirHub app, ideal for iPhone and iPad. AirHub is likewise presently working on a service for the DJI Smart Controller: this solution will be available in the course of 2022. In addition, there will also be an integration with Parrot so that drones of that brand can likewise be connected to the safe AirHub control app.