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The 3D PluraView monitor from Schneider Digital enables professional users to work comfortably and fatigue-free in a 3D-stereo environment thanks to the proven beam-splitter technology. Innovative, yet reliable technology is the basis for precise, pixel-accurate stereoscopic image analysis with the highest quality, even in office daylight conditions.

The 3D PluraView 3D-stereo monitor has been designed for stereo viewing in a wide variety of Geospatial industries.

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3D Display Excellence – High-end PluraView Stereo

Flicker-free and high-resolution visualization for the perfect 3D stereo experience – Our innovative and reliable 3D PluraView beam-splitter technology is the basis for pixel-precise, stereoscopic 3D image displays, offering the highest stereo viewing quality possible. Currently, 3D PluraView stereo displays can be configured with screen diagonals of up to 28”, resolutions up to 4K (UHD) and a colour depth of 10-bit per pixel.

In addition, our new BlackTuner technology substantially enhances the viewing and capturing of dark, shadowed image areas and comes integrated with the 27” and 28” 3D PluraView monitors.

With screen refresh rates of only 1ms, a blur-free image display for motion videos and smooth stereo image roaming is guaranteed. Our optimized polarization glasses feature excellent stereo channel separation to prevent “ghosting” and are inexpensive and easy to replace if scratched or damaged. The high-quality, passive stereo-viewing environment offers the user a comfortable and fatigue-free work experience for all 3D stereo applications.

3D PluraView – The Reference for 3D-Stereo Displays

• Flicker-free for relaxed 3D operations and continuous, professional use
• Highest brightness – suitable for office daylight conditions, one monitor per stereo channel and each eye
• Wide viewing angle – suitable for group viewings with up to 5 people
• Highest resolution – up to 4K (UHD / 8.3 MPx per eye) @ 10-bit color depth
• Certified for Photogrammetry and GIS (ESRI, HEXAGON, TRIMBLE, AGISOFT, etc. )
• Functional design – highest quality – Made in Germany
• ‘Plug & Play’ technology established for the past 14 years!

Designed for 3D Professionals
The optimum 3D-Stereo experience – all day long!

The Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitors feature optimized beam-splitter technology for the highest quality in stereoscopic rendering on the desktop. Our 3D PluraView monitors are ideally suited for all stereo software applications from most major industries, such as:

• GIS & 3D Mapping
• Photogrammetry & LiDAR
• Oil & Gas prospecting & simulation
• 3D City modelling / BIM
• Computer tomography & surgical planning
• Biochemistry / Stereo-Microscopy
• 3D Molecular research and design
• Crystallography / Biochemistry
• CGI / 3D Video editing
• Mechanical Design / CAx
• Industrial Measuring / Laser Scanning
• Simulation & VR training
• Archeology

The reference for passive 3D-Stereo Monitors
3D PluraView Stereo Monitors – Meeting the highest requirements for GIS, VR and 3D Imaging

Especially with GIS and photogrammetry applications, professional users are faced with the challenge of quickly loading large amounts of data and visualizing these in stereoscopic mode on a 3D-capable system. Professionals who are working daily with high-resolution 3D mesh models, stereo imagery, CAD and GIS data need a flicker-free, daylight capable 3D monitor, which allows fatigue-free, stereoscopic interaction all day long.

Schneider Digital has introduced the 3D PluraView family of beam-splitter, passive 3D stereo displays, to meet these exact needs. 3D PluraView monitors are specifically designed for stereoscopic display, interfacing seamlessly to most 3D-capable software applications in photogrammetry, for LiDAR point clouds, CAD, GIS and BIM, but also for medical 3D data visualization. Only with cross-polarized, passive stereo filters, can stereo images, intricate CAD, mesh and other surfaces and textures be reproduced down to the smallest detail.

3D PluraView – Advantages & Benefits

•  Passive stereo monitors have the highest user acceptance of any 3D display technology available.
• The long-term experience of our users, some working with our beam-splitter systems for more than 14 years, proves the high quality and user-friendliness.
• Due to their high brightness, 3D PluraView users can work in normal daylight office conditions.
• Our flicker-free, bright and clear 3D-stereo displays substantially increase user motivation and productivity.
• The new 3D PluraView models with full 4K stereo resolution enable and innovate the stereo display of 3D city models, BIM, LiDAR data and all medical 3D applications.
• NEW! Professional alternative to HMD devices: VR PluraView with Head & Object Tracking now available!

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