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Phase One 280MP Aerial Solutions

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With over 20,000 pixels across, compact size and weight, the 280MP Aerial Solution provides higher Return on Investment compared to any other large format system available on the market.
The 280MP Aerial Solution offers the highest image capture rate and dynamic range, increasing overall quality and accuracy of the final photogrammetric products.

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The iXM-RS 280F provides a large format option that easily integrates with DSM400 gyrostabilized mount creating a compact and lightweight system for use in a wide range of aircraft.  
The iXM-RS 280F is a dual lens metric camera, with 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information, and providing superior image quality. The  iXM-RS 280F camera generates central projection image from two 150MP nadir images with equal ground resolution. 
The Aerial solution comprises of iX Controller, GNSS/IMU receiver (POS AV series), Somag gyro-stabilized mount (DSM 400), the Phase One flight planning and management software iX Plan and iX Flight as well  iX Capture.

• Backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor
• Wide dynamic range 
• Improved light sensitivity 
• More flying hours per day and more flights achievable per year
• Maintains object resolution in low light conditions

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POS AVX 210, POS AV Series


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